“Ukraine Retreats from Three Eastern Villages Amid Russian Advances”

Ukraine’s top military official has announced that Ukrainian forces, outnumbered and under pressure, have withdrawn to new defensive lines west of three villages on the eastern front. This move comes as Russia intensifies its military efforts in the region.

Colonel General Oleksandr Syrskii shared on Sunday that the situation on the eastern front has become increasingly challenging, especially west of the occupied village of Maryinka and northwest of Avdiivka, which Russian forces captured in February. Ukrainian forces have regrouped to the west of Berdychi and Semenivka, north of Avdiivka, and near Novomykhailivka to the south.

Despite some tactical successes claimed by Russian forces, Syrskii emphasized that they have not achieved any significant operational breakthroughs. He noted that Russia has deployed four brigades in these attacks, but Ukrainian forces are continually rotating in fresh brigades to maintain their defensive positions.

The situation in Novobakhmutivka, another village near Berdychi, was not detailed in Syrskii’s update, although Russia’s Ministry of Defence claims to have taken control of it.

On the battlefield dynamics, Al Jazeera’s John Holman, reporting from Kyiv, indicated that Russian forces are exploiting their advantages in ammunition and air power, concentrating attacks at several strategic points along the front. Ukrainian frontline troops have reportedly told Al Jazeera that they face a significant disparity in artillery, being out-shelled by a ratio of six or seven to one.

The recent approval of a $61 billion US aid package is seen as crucial for Ukraine to bolster its defenses and address the imbalance in firepower, according to Ukrainian officials. This aid is viewed as essential for sustaining Ukrainian resistance against the ongoing Russian invasion, now in its second year.

Russian troops have made incremental advances since seizing Avdiivka, exploiting Ukrainian shortages in artillery shells and manpower. Open-source intelligence indicates Russian forces have progressed over 15 kilometers towards Ocheretyne from Avdiivka.

Further along the front, the Ukrainian-controlled town of Chasiv Yar is becoming a critical battle zone due to its elevated position, which could potentially open pathways to the cities of Kostiantynivka, Sloviansk, and Kramatorsk. Syrskii labeled Chasiv Yar and the nearby village of Ivanivske as the most contested areas on that segment of the front.

Additionally, Syrskii expressed concerns about an observed increase in Russian troop movements near Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, which has been a frequent target of Russian airstrikes aimed at rendering the city uninhabitable.

He also mentioned that Ukrainian forces in the most vulnerable areas have been reinforced with additional artillery and tank units in anticipation of potential Russian offensives in the north.

Lucas Falcão

International Politics and Sports Specialist, Chief Editor of Walerts with extensive experience in breaking news.

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