Biden calls on Congress to resolve deadlock and provide aid to Israel and Ukraine

President Joe Biden made a fervent plea to Congress on Wednesday, urging swift action to pass legislation providing substantial military and other aid to Israel in response to Iran’s recent attack on the US ally.

In an op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal, Biden emphasized the critical importance of bolstering Israel’s defenses amid escalating tensions with Iran. He underscored the indispensable partnership between the US and Israel, stressing that American support is essential to ensure Israel’s security.

The urgency of Biden’s appeal was heightened by Iran’s aggressive assault over the weekend, which targeted Israel in retaliation for an earlier bombing of the Iranian consulate in Syria. Despite calls for restraint from the Biden administration and Western allies, Israeli officials have signaled their intent to retaliate against Iran.

Meanwhile, international pressure has mounted on the US to condition its support for Israel on increased humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, where dire conditions threaten thousands of Palestinian lives.

However, efforts to pass a $95 billion supplemental funding bill, which includes additional aid for Israel, Ukraine, and other allies, have faced obstacles in Congress. While the Senate approved the bill in February, it has been stalled in the House of Representatives, largely due to opposition from conservative Republicans.

House Speaker Mike Johnson, under growing pressure to act, announced plans to introduce legislation providing assistance to Israel, Ukraine, and the Asia Pacific region. He emphasized the urgency of passing the bill to ensure vital aid reaches allies facing threats from adversaries like Russia, China, and Iran.

President Biden and Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin both stressed the pivotal nature of this moment, emphasizing the crucial role of US assistance in enabling Israel and Ukraine to defend themselves effectively. They urged Congress to prioritize the passage of the supplemental funding bill, emphasizing its significance in safeguarding America’s allies and interests in a rapidly evolving geopolitical landscape.

Lucas Falcão

International Politics and Sports Specialist, Chief Editor of Walerts with extensive experience in breaking news.

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