Wild Heist Operates Excavator … Carves Out Store’s Side Wall!

In a brazen act of theft, perpetrators used a construction backhoe to break into a store by literally digging into its walls.

The astonishing footage from the incident shows it unfolding on a Monday morning at an ampm convenience store in Oakland, California. The video captures the heavy machinery forcefully puncturing

the store’s wall, with the clerk narrowly escaping harm as the criminals commence their destructive entry. Despite the store’s bulletproof glass, it stood no chance against the backhoe’s power as it breached the wall and targeted the ATM inside. The culprits then chained the ATM to a waiting truck and fled the scene.

The store owner, Ali Abdulla, reported to ABC7 that the damage caused by the heist amounts to at least $70,000. Expressing his frustration, Abdulla remarked on the extreme measures he feels are necessary to protect his business, citing slow police response times. He clarified, though, that he doesn’t hold the Oakland Police Department responsible, pointing to a shortage of law enforcement officers as the issue.

When the police did arrive, they found the backhoe abandoned and the suspects missing. The Oakland Police Department’s Burglary Unit is now seeking information from the public to aid their investigation.

Andre Weyne

Journalist specializing in Geo-Politics with a focus on international wars. Has a variety of sources of information about celebrities.

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