Pro-Palestinian Yale Student Places Palestinian Flag on Menorah Amidst Israel-Hamas Conflict

A student at Yale University, expressing pro-Palestinian views, attempted to make a statement by placing a Palestinian flag on a menorah, a prominent symbol of the Jewish holiday Hanukkah.

The incident escalated when the student climbed the large menorah structure, leading to outcry from onlookers with some urging the student to descend, concerned about the optics of the act. Another student eventually climbed up to remove the flag.

This event is part of a broader series of conflicts on college campuses across the United States, particularly at prestigious institutions. The incident coincides with recent developments at the University of Pennsylvania, where the university president faced significant criticism and ultimately resigned following a controversial testimony in Congress, which included a failure to explicitly condemn calls for violence against Jewish people.

Andre Weyne

Journalist specializing in Geo-Politics with a focus on international wars. Has a variety of sources of information about celebrities.

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