“Hezbollah Second-in-Command: No War Seeked Amid Israeli Retaliation”

Hezbollah, supported by Iran, has made it clear that they are not looking to escalate the ongoing conflict along Lebanon’s southern border with Israel. However, they are prepared to respond in kind to any aggression from Israel, as stated by the group’s second-in-command during a rare interview with NBC News.

Naim Qassem blamed Israel and the United States for the back-and-forth attacks that have resulted in numerous casualties in southern Lebanon. He expressed disappointment in the prolonged conflict, which began with a terror attack by Hamas in Israel and has since spiraled into a larger confrontation. Qassem highlighted the significant arsenal that Hezbollah possesses, including rockets, missiles, drones, and other weapons.

While acknowledging Hezbollah’s solidarity with the Palestinian cause and its opposition to Israel’s occupation of southern Lebanon, Qassem emphasized that the group does not seek a full-scale war. He criticized Arab countries that supported Israel in recent conflicts and warned of accountability for their actions.

Despite the ongoing tension, Hezbollah has largely adhered to the existing rules of engagement with Israel, focusing on border regions instead of escalating the conflict. Qassem reiterated that Hezbollah’s primary goal is to keep Israeli forces occupied in the north, rather than engaging in a wider conflict. However, he made it clear that the group is prepared for a full confrontation if Israel decides to escalate the situation.

As the conflict continues to simmer, the fragile understanding between Hezbollah and Israel remains in place, with both sides wary of sparking a larger war. Qassem’s measured approach underscores the delicate balance between maintaining resistance against Israel and preventing a devastating escalation in the region.

Lucas Falcão

International Politics and Sports Specialist, Chief Editor of Walerts with extensive experience in breaking news.

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